Media in aftermath of the Bolt finding, Pink Media gets the green, Mental Health Month

EPISODE AIRING OCTOBER 7-10 (click to download episode)

This week on Fourth Estate: after the landmark handing down of a guilty verdict in the case of Andrew Bolt under the Racial Vilification Act, how carefully must media now tread? Plus Mental Health Month and a new media marketing initiative aimed at a dominant force in financial revenue: the gay community

Tweetin' the blues - Nathan Coates
The latest Mindframe media heading Mental Health Month is an initiative aimed at combatting depression and held an online Twitter discussion - (Lifeline is always available as a freecall on 13 11 14)

Pink media market - Mig Caldwell
One man living the self-professed "gay dream", BEN MULACHY, has since tapped into the gay lifestyle as a commodity, with the market estimated to contribute some $20 billion: hence the birth of the unique and socially conscious PINK MEDIA GROUP.

After the Bolt - Dylan Barber
What media independence means in the wake of the Andrew Bolt ruling of racial vilification in the Federal Court, according to Crikey's media and communications writer and Journalism Convenor at Swinburne University, MARGARET SIMONS.


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