Oz gets Game on! Another SURG in community radio; BBC faces regional broadcast crisis

14-17 OCTOBER, 2011
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Intriguing new statistics released about Australian gaming; the Sydney University Radio group attempt to surge forward and the BBC faces repercussions from its five year spending cuts on the Fourth Estate.

Game on! Mig Caldwell

Australians prove to be avid gamers, with an estimated 92% of households owning a gaming device as research from Bond University's report, DIGITAL AUSTRALIA, or DA12 has revealed.

SURGing towards permanence - Annie Wylie

The Sydney University Radio Group is on the rise and completely run within the campus grounds, but currently the licensing agreement to air as a community station is temporary, but tenacity is a wonderful thing!

BBC cuts mean bad news for the region - Natalie Muller

20% budget cuts ordered by the UK government has left the BBC little option but to suffer the blow axing 2000 jobs and cutting costs on programming, leaving regional areas without.


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