Bolt guilt; UN internet forum; News Corporation news; live music

The landmark decision handed down by Federal Court judge, MORDY BROMBERG, found controversial opinion writer, ANDREW BOLT, and his employer, The Herald and Weekly Times, guilty of publishing discriminatory material, questioning the validity of fair-skinned Aborigines in 2009.

CRAIG LONGMAN spoke to one of the case’s applicants, DR MARK MCMILAN about his reactions over the proceedings and eventual outcome, which questioned the professionalism of Bolt as a journalist.

MIG CALDWELL touched base with Australia’s only remote hub access to the sixth annual, UNITED NATIONS INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM, in Nairobi, Kenya, via the live stream enabled at Canberra’s Australian National University, which held a coinciding four day conference.

This was thanks to the efforts of MADELINE CARR: a pHd graduate in international relations and the use of the internet at ANU, and she spoke about some of the greater issues the forum addressed and the Australian presence.

JONATHAN HOLMES returns for Part 2 of the 2 part series of interviews from NATHAN COATES. He speaks this time about the decision recently made by Crikey to leak vital info relating to the Australian branch of News Corporated and its impending facelift.

And new research conducted by the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) indicates the live music industry and its impact on the economy shows some surprising results when considering how many venues are closed down due to red tape issues, as NEDA VANOVAC reports.


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