Bob Brown; Screen Australia; Jon-Jon Goulian

This week the team speaks with BOB BROWN; SCREEN AUSTRALIA and new hot thing in literature...

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Nathan Coates interviews the Greens leader over the calling for a Parliamentary inquiry into the Australian media but there is lack of agreement on how to support print media diversity leaving the print media market in question

Answering to problems facing television regulation that stem from its dated Broadcasting Services Act, 1992, Communications Minister STEPHEN CONROY has launched an online convergence review.

And recent publications indicate that since 2008, foreign content has increased by 154 per cent while Australian content has grown by only 59 per cent, according to a new report by Screen Australia.   

Newest "It" boy considered the hottest in new author talent within all the right circles, JON-JON GOULIAN had his memoirs published, The Man in the Grey Flannel Skirt, off the back of a pitch and a need to fend off an existential crisis with the dawning of his 40th birthday.
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