SBS + NITV = the future; Goin' ga-ga for digital radio; Film Industry 101

SBS to merge with NITV - DYLAN BARBER

- The proposal to merge SBS with the National Indigenous Television Service (NITV) to create a stronger and easily accessible digital content channel, as DYLAN BARBER spoke to NITV for comment

Goin' ga-ga for digital - ANNIE WYLIE
- Annie Wylie goes ga-ga as she climbed aboard the new wave being enjoyed by radio in the world of online broadcasting, why even community radio stations are the conformist by comparison!

Film biz basics - MIG CALDWELL and MARTY LEWIS
- The film biz: is there really any chance to screen your work to an audience beyond a youtube upload? we get the insider's view on just how tough it is to market yourself locally..


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