Post-budget blues: the least depressing outlook?


It was the show that tried to address some post-budget blues, that generally saw Wayne Swan's financial plan received like a lead balloon.

So the show this week did indulge in some obligatory money talk: both in terms of the dated revenue policies enacted back in 1969 which came with the last serious copyright law amendment; seeing commercial radio in the country pay a minimal 1% of revenue allocated to music airplay, as well as the next Big Thing from the bag of tricks belonging to Senator Stephen Conroy.

Plus Annie Wylie meets the latest in grassroots online campaigners:the resulting site started up by a group of socially conscious late teens and early twenties guys, yopinion shouldn't just be dismissed as get up in their pyjamas...

And Ellie Schneider takes us down a nostalgic path for History Week down South Australia way, in a newer and fresher way thanks to ABC radio.
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