Launching community radio into the digital era!

Episode 15: 27-30 May, 2011

We finally achieve a digital presence with select Sydney community broadcasters including, notably, Radio 2ser, being added to the digital spectrum
Radio 2ser staff and volunteers at digital launch

The show marks its debut on the community digital spectrum as declared by Marie Bashir in Sydney’s Darling Harbor, the future of broadcasting is finally here and available to the community sector, as LEANNE TORPEY reports
NATHAN COATES decides to face off in the ring between Bob Brown and media bias or "hate media"
Plus MIG CALDWELL host up an on-air mass group therapy session for victims of telco abuse, and believe me, you’re not alone out there and it's being addressed by the right people ie industry body, ACMA, due to publish findings into the goings-on by telcos to its customers under self regulation.
And KIM TAN speaks to the man responsible for the Colourfest Film Festival: now in its second year as a way of offering up a bit of colour to an arguably bland anglo cinema world
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