Sub-eds=sub zero at Fairfax; Osama bin Laden: The Brand; Nationally aware of privacy? A world vision on-air

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This week, we have a bit of a chuckle over the crucial reportage mistake that came out of the thousands of reports that proceeded the killing of Osama bin Laden...on a more serious note, we looked at:

Newly appointed CEO of the extensive Fairfax Media group is not making any friends with the announcement to cut sub-editorial positions within the newspapers, outsourcing to AAP subsidiary, Pagemasters

passed relatively unceremoniously and yet this is one of the landmark periods where privacy and maintaining it - particularly online - is of concern to almost all Australians, so how much protection can be assured?

In the wake of the US slaying of al Qaeda leader, bin Laden, may in turn evoke an almost mythological status that will grant his status of legend, or martyr, but maybe not...

World Vision Radio: Shant Fabricatorian
One of the more esteemed media broadcasts, the radio station, founded around the charity, is in peril of being pulled off the air due to funding problems.


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