Episode 1: February 18, 2011


Hi there and welcome back for another year here on the fourth estate: the radio program airing on Community Radio Network (CRN) and Sydney's Radio 2ser, that forces journalism under dissection and PR to be approached with caution.

My name is Mig Caldwell and I’ll be acting as producer over the course of the year and already our public sphere is shifting monumentally.

Over the next year, we hope to bring to you every week something that is of significance to you that you didn’t previously know over the course of half an hour…

For the 2011 debut: 

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There has been reported speculation over whether an earlier wikileaks document that exposed corruption within the Tunisian presidential family was a catalyst in the lead up to the events in Egypt.

Concerns have also been expressed over the handling of the protest from  western media bodies that allegedly adopted an unofficial bias reflective of US foreign policy.

Speaking with ANTONY LOWENSTEIN, the issues surrounding the media's role during the lead-up and throughout the protests in Egypt and the Middle East: both East and West

If the government does social media but no one cares, did it really happen? Such is the question posed in a recent article by MARK DRAPEU entitled, Government Social Media: Five Questions for 2011.

With a doubtful outlook approaching the NSW government come State election time, it seems that frontrunner KRISTINA KENEALLY, is reflective of her chances via her attempts to capture media attention. With a specific look at the new role and importnace of social networking, Mig spoke to Bang the Table's MATTHEW CROZIER

#3 - All-a-twitter on privacy - Shevonne Hunt
Recent demands to access details of twitter account holders associated with wikileaks has caused an uproar over rights to privacy on Twitter, as Shevonne Hunt reports

Assange and wikileaks have created quite a stir in the past year, after allegations of assult  and his assests being frozen,  many wished to show their solidarity.

 Grassroots musical duo  Wikifreaks, have headed to record in an effort to broadcast their support for Julian.  They hope to create a dialoge about Wikileaks through the power of their satirical Pop tunes...


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