How it is that we have reached summer holidays already is beyond me, if only someone could advise the (actual) fourth estate in the meantime to keep a low profile, that would be appreciated!

The heads up on headlines - following a misleading header to the likes of an ANDREW BOLT blog posting, reading: "Send the Indians back" has raised discussion over what constitutes a good - and indeed, a bad - headline, well as least it did among all of us at Team Fourth Estate, so ANNIE WYLIE tackled these ideas further...

What began as a random conversation between two men; both of whom had no idea about the other in terms of circumstance or history, led to the birth of an exciting new project initiative funded by Sydney not-for-profit arts organisation, Curiousworks: as part of the Stories project providing relevant training.

The aforementioned men: Guido and Saif, eventually put together a confronting and insightful look behind the closed doors of VILLAWOOD DETENTION CENTRE as seen through the eyes of their mother's. The resulting feature is entitled VILLAWOOD MUMS, as KIM TAN reported.

And LAUREN DAY blotted lipstick shades with the best of em in media makeup, as she got the lowdown on recent efforts by the print industry to raunch up our politicians: particularly following the crowning of Australia's youngest parliamentarian, 20 year-old: WYATT ROY, as the GQ Man of the Year: from the tint in Julia Gillard's scarlet coiffure to the need for men to wear makeup on TV, it's a tough biz making some of them look good!


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