Episode 2: Feb 25-28, 2011

So early into the season and yet already, I was struck down with illness, so my apologies for the rather shortened version to mark the second show...to download story files right click and save as on the links below..
Oz Mag's, Jim Anderson, has had a brilliant – if not controversial - career as an artist and satirist. Since the Sixties, he has been challenging sexual censorship and homosexual prejudice through his art, writing and the underground press as Angela Aldred discovered, ahead of the run of his exhibit showing at the university of Sydney.
Back in the day, it was the Beastie Boys who said you had to fight for your right to party, and all these years later the legacy lives on in media businessman ANDREW WK.
With stakes in a record label and a television production company as well as hosting TV shows such as “Ask Andrew WK” and the current kiddie hit, “Destroy build destroy” and here recently to psyche Australians up for the year which includes an impending album release and a book deal denoting his time as a pseudo-evangelist, Mig Caldwell wondered whether he slept soundly at night
#3: The Australian digital radio reception*
With reported figures showing a welcome surge in the national interest surrounding digital radio, Steve Ahern spoke to Mig Caldwell about whether it could in fact, spell out its ultimate demise, as was the suggestion from an op-ed piece coming out of the UK.
*this story previously aired in 2010


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