Your Right to Know; Crowd-funded journalism; Hope for journalism students; Grogsgate

1st-4th October 

The Fourth Estate was hot to trot this week, with live TV scandals, "Grog-Gate" and a TV appearance by the self-filtered Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy...

And did you know the week marked the 8th annual, INTERNATIONAL RIGHT TO KNOW DAY, September 28? Well MIG CALDWELL, re-examines changes to FOI laws, as well as discovering landmark precedent to promote open government and for once is celebrating our right to know..

Plus, MINA SAMANDAR, taps into the latest Australian journalism initiative, Swinburne University's: Youcommnews..a crowd-funded model of reportage with founder and Crikey blogger, MARGARET SIMONS.

Disheartened journalism students, take note! As we roll around towards end of year cadetship applications, or what little are left, CARRIE FELLNER offers up a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak media job market.

And the latest in "gate" suffixed scandal: Meet Twitter's latest enfant terrible, Grogsgamut - ie. Greg Jericho - an avid and anonymous blogger who is also an Australian journalist recently ousted by fellow Oz colleague...MATTHEW KNOTT questions our right to disguise online identity.


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