Did you know about your Right to Know?

With the likes of Sarah Murdoch and two young wannabe models attracting the majority of attention in the aftermath of the biggest live TV blunder since Doug Mulray's new show was given the royal flush by Kerry Packer only minutes into the debut, the 8th annual International Right to Know Day passed by relatively unacknowledged across the country.

Founded in 2003 in an effort to advocate universally transparent governance, it might be fair to argue that, until very recently, there was little cause for celebration in Australia as journalists were constantly challenged within the existent within Commonwealth Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation, in a successful FOI request.

The Rudd government (finally) upheld its election campaign promise of 2007 to amend FOI laws, with notable changes, which include the introduction of a public interest body so we don't need to just take the government at its word.

Story to come for 1-4 October!                                                     


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