R U OK? DAB=RIP? Grafitti101 and junk food ads

This week: Fourth Estate gets naff with graff and finds out if U R OK, amongst other media-related endeavours..

October 7 might have seen you fielding seemingly random requests concerning your well being, but as CARRIE FELLNER reports, it was the official advent of R U OK Day? - part of a widespread effort in suicide prevention, also coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month.*

A recent publication by UK radio industry expert, GRANT GODDARD, outlining his predictions for the British radio broadcasting industry, adopts the subtlety of a sledgehammer in delivering an ominous message predicting dire outcomes with the incorporation of digital technologies...MIG CALDWELL looks closer to home in deciding whether this may be an implicit fate for Australian radio.

New kid on the block, ANNIE WYLIE, takes it to the streets in an effort to interpret some of the more mixed messages stemming from the graffiti and street art movement, from Melbourne tourism to Islamophobia..

And NATASHA EGAN hauls the junk out of the trunk in looking closely into whether self-regulated industry measures are having any impact in terms of how often children are exposed to ads promoting the bad stuff..

Call 13 11 44 to access Lifeline, 24/7, or click here for more options if U R NOT OK...


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