The Australian bias, Facebook's fairgame, iphones in class?

Greens leader, BOB BROWN is on the rampage, accusing, amongst others, the ABC and The Australian - fresh from an arguably successful outing for the political party in terms of election results - of little or scathing reportage of the Greens during the election campaign. 

CARRIE FELLNER caught up with the man responsible for penning the report: "The Australian: the 20th member of Cabinet", MICHAEL GILLIES-SMITH, former political adviser, come PR/Media strategist, over his thoughts on the issue.  Click here to download story

LAUREN DAY poses a challenging ethical question to all journalists/wannabes alike: what is the consensus surrounding facebook material as fair game in gathering content? Not just legally, but moreover, here to download

And HANNAH MEAGHER got back to nature, schoolbag in tow, after following around a class excursion at Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens to get the info about the iphone gadget making the field trips much more fun. click here to download

PLUS we had another outing with favourite Sydney band, THE JEZABELS, with new single, "Mace Spray" 


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