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In light of this whole News of the World scandal, how much would you say that public perceptions of the media has changed? A recent survey showed the ABC out on top alongside SBS with poor scoring at the News Ltd end of the scale, as DYLAN BARBER discovered upon speaking to Crikey columnist, Bernard Keane, where they debate over notions of trust in relation to the media, particularly within Keane's own realm of online opinion columnist.

And, because, apparently, you're worth it the UK Advertising Standards body has ruled against airing commercials produced by cosmetic giant, L'oreal and featuring the celebrity faces of Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington (pictured below), due to a misleading amount of retouching applied. Should Australia adopt similar rigid standards in advertising? ANNIE WYLIE investigates.

Plus, LOUISE BROOKS explore the latest renewal of hope in the ongoing battle between retailers and online sellers, with the founding of a new initiative for independent retailers, INDIEBOUND, another missile launched against its enemy, in an ongoing David (Jones) and Goliath battle.

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