Episode 6: March 25-28, 2011

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This week, the show was set to "global roaming" after a week of local media reports echoing that of a schoolyard tussle...from the ABC's shock homophobic tweet running across the Q and A screens recently, to the major networks battling it out for the rights to a quadrangle fight between two schoolboys that ultimately went viral.

So, in an effort to avoid this "Lord of the Flies" media mentality, and leaving NSW State politics to the real diehards, here's what we showcased:

#1: To print or not to print? Shevonne Hunt

A recent decision by German publication, Der Spiegel, to publish some graphic images depicting a "kill squad" posing alongside their dead victims was under fire in terms of the need to publish such horrifying images.

Like our own ABC, the US public broadcaster, NPR, is in danger of having funds cut, after a very public airing of opinions by NPR's management that were decidedly anti-Tea Party. With an alleged left-wing bias dogging the station for many years, this may be the final straw, if the Republicans have their way.

Closer to home, there have been calls - and subsequent debates - over whether a rating system should be applied to public billboards advertising, following calls to take down an outdoor ad promoting the event, Sexpo. Lobbyists believe that the self-regulatory code of standards is ineffective as it stands and doesn't serve in the interests of community standards
#4: Google not "feeling lucky" in China - Brit-Helen Johansen

Google is claiming that the Chinese government is blocking the Chinese people’s access to the Gmail service, believed to be part of a crackdown by the Chinese regime in response to online calls for a so called “Jasmine Revolution”.


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