Episode 5: March 18-21

A controversial move in the opinions of some, this week, The Fourth Estate did not cover surrounding issues and speculation emerging in the media every day following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Stay tuned though for the next episode...

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#1:Making facebook democracy work: both in theory and practice
Jordanian refugee, SOHAIL DAHDAL, has come a long way since his protesting days over 20 years ago as a student in his hometown. Now, in an effort to further understand, and tap into the powers of democracy harnessed by social networks as twitter and facebook. He is undertaking a doctoral thesis as well as producing online documentaries that attempt to bridge the gap between culture and nationality.

As promised, this week, the show offered up the perspective of whistleblowers or informants - who, ultimately, put themselves on the line - following the welcomed new amendments to the Evidence Act, as MIG CALDWELL spoke to PROF. BRIAN MARTIN from the University of Wollongong as well as long-suffering whistleblower advocate and VP of the national body.

The first of its kind: wrappingup.com is a new website aimed at easing the community towards the final final stages of life, and specifically, how to prepare for death as JOHN GIBB found out from talking to co-founders DELLA CHURCHILL and KELLY CHAPMAN.

Although striking gold on the OS side of the music market, local bands get pushed aside by the likes of LADY GAGA when it comes to commercial radio airplay, as ELISE SCOTT discovered recently, speaking to the music editor of the Australian edition of international magazine sensation, Time Out: ANDREW P. STREET


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