Finding a place for the missing; Court is now online..and Pro-blogging:wtf?

Who could fathom that the year would come to such an abrupt hold? Another one down and only two more shows to air on The Fourth Estate for the rest of 2010! So there is no better time for the team to get in touch with some of the latest ideals and concepts within the new media landscape...

Firstly, CARRIE FELLNER spoke to a woman who has spent the past five years (voluntarily) applying herself to a tireless mission of maintaining the only website of its kind in the country an archive relating to missing persons: to allow public access to the invaluable information concerning the many thousands that make up the proportion of missing Australians for those that remain behind anxiously awaiting any news.

Then, we attempt to maintain "order in the court" following the Victorian State election campaign proposal by Premier, JOHN BRUMBY, to ensure transparency within our legal system by adapting a live stream of court proceedings to be made available for public viewing and accessibility. KATE BURRASTON questions some of the grey areas yet to be addressed surrounding privacy and the likes.

And MIG CALDWELL attended the new "Sydney Pro-Blogger Festival": a three day conference  attempting to make sense and indeed, strategise some tips and methods, to ride the new wave culture of blogging as a professional enterprise, particularly within the movement of "mummy blogging", which turns out to be a profitable enterprise.

Plus a brief revisit from nback in March, celebrating the ten year milestone of Crikey with its current ed, SOPHIE BLACK.


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