The First of the last

The end of November also spells the end of the Fourth Estate...well, no, not literally, gosh!
So for the last four weeks, the effort's going to be around drawing from past and present, as we're too keen always, to look into scopes for the future...

#1:Firstly, with a stark reminder of just how much online indie media darlings NEW MATILDA really means to people; and in turn, this genuine response to autonomous and fresh content that is provided by such a diverse and intelligent bunch of contributors.

From June when funding issues saw the doors closed, fast forward not even six months and the door is definitely ajar, providing the crowd funding model they've just adapted in the hope of generating donations exceeding $175k by the 15th December. MIG CALDWELL and MARNI CORDELL got reacquainted.

#2: Because the media is so limited within its parameters of reporting on issues surrounding asylum seekers currently detained within a detention centre - which, the Dept of Immigration insists is purely in respect of the asylum seekers, who need to maintain their privacy, and are more than free to speak with media personnel.
LIZ CUSH, in her report, talks to the DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION about these policies
She also spoke to Darwin's Fairfax correspondent, LINDSAY MURDOCH, who says it is impossible to be allowed a chance to talk to asylum seekers to tell these stories that remain secreted within the confines of the detention centres.

#3: Radio ratings may be refutable in the opinion of the Sydney Morning Herald media editor, TIM DICK, who says that the survey based method of determining audience share is susceptible to inaccuracy and that a more advanced method must be achievable compared to that of completing a 5-week survey, as KATE BURRASTON found out after speaking to him.

#4: And ARCHIE GUIDELA has hundreds of facebook friends, but he discovered that this new wave of forming meaningful relationships online may not be as good as the real thing and can be a lonely life.


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