Fairfax fudging figures; NBN for cost-benefit analysis? PNG's photo exhibition; and it's all Off the Record...

This week we looked into newspaper figures; the Opposition criticism surrounding that controversial NBN price tag; the Papua New Guinea community project using multimedia in telling their stories and the release of the book celebrating 25 years of street press....

#1: Is Fairfax fudging the figures?
CARRIE FELLNER reports on the revelations that Fairfax may be putting on a brave face before that of the Auditory Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and advertisers via its annual tertiary subscriptions offered to university students.

#2: Do the ends outweigh the means for the National Broadband Network?
Recently Opposition Communications Minister, MALCOLM TURNBULL, demanded a cost benefit analysis to justify that hefty price tag the government believe faster broadband will ensue. SHEVONNE HUNT spoke to STILGHERRIAN

#3: My illness; my story - PNG photography exhibition
Recently in Sydney, a photography exhibit was on display next to the HIV/AIDS conference, at the Mori Gallery. This was because on display was an array of photos and narratives from those in the PNG highlands region of Goroka, who live with the virus. MIG CALDWELL reported.

#4: "Your name's on the door"...A chronology of music journalism

"Off the Record" is the latest release from the Uni of Queensland Press which is a chronology of 25 years of historically ordered music writings edited by SIMON GROTH and SEAN SENNETT, whom MIG CALDWELL recently caught up with to discuss the quality of music journalism and the longevity of music street press

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