Are you up for a Walkley? Plus how's your memory..and even, your identity?

Well, once again, it proved to be quite the busy week in all the issues concerning media and communications, as well as the conclusion of the annual 2ser Subscriber Drive.

What is also proving to be a refreshing angle to pursue from the reportage side of things, is this new and deeper level of research being attempted to decipher what in fact these mass advances within the realm of digital technologies are doing in terms of how they're impacting on society.

#1: The digital memory: The way we now watch and take in the nightly news has arguably changed considerably, following the talk held by visiting lecturer from the UK's, University of Nottingham, ANDREW HOSKINS. The founder of the 2008 academic journal, Memory Studies, his primary focus area is around what he insists is an ever growing obsession to track down our past, alongside the concerted efforts of the internet to archive all and sundry. MIG CALDWELL got a chance to chat to him about just some of the paradoxes involved within such a body of here

#2: Walkley Awards: It doesn't come much better for the journalism world than a Walkley award. And following the recent announcement on the verandah of the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA) HQ nestled within the heart of inner city Sydney, of those enviable 122 media personnel announced as finalists across 34 categories, JASON RUSHTON, was on the case, nursing a glass of red alongside his mike, to attempt to uncover the quick-fix solution to scoring a journalism Oscar...

#3: And as National Identity Fraud passed by with relatively little ceremony, PETER CAMPBELL discovered that there is, in fact, a great deal of concern that should in turn promote caution in everyday use and even refuse of our personal here to get info


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