Friends with Benefits

The Fourth Estate enjoys an arguably privileged position in its ability to produce independent and diverse content week after week.

This is mainly due to the likes of the self-regulated content assured within the community broadcasting sector and Radio 2ser.

Because without 2ser, there wouldn't in fact, be any flagship radio program dedicated to keeping up to date with the continually arising issues that stem from media and communications: so that's why 2ser needs to continue to ensure these services are provided to the public.

"hello radio, my old friend" - well we are past 30! - is an all too timely theme: by romanticising the old school notions of our humble, yet beloved wireless, we can appreciate its longevity within the media and understand its worth...

It is a great hope that Fourth Estate - as well as the multitude of other standout talks/music/current affairs programming we can boast on the 2ser program grid,

may be able to continue airing long into the new and emerging future, we really need to call in on a mate for some help: YOU!

If you listen to 2ser, then you want something that is genuinely autonomous, and, well, real...

Thanks for the support, your generosity goes towards ensuring the future of REAL RADIO!!!

9514-9500 (call during Fourth Estate/Tuesday Overdrive for major brownie points..)


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