Just "Off the record"...

Well, if ever there is an appropriate time to allow oneself an outpouring of gushy sentiment of appreciation from one autnomous media body to another, it's arguably now...

As we draw towards the conclusive end of the two week annual Subscriber Drive at 2ser: this year paying homage to our old friends, its significance has resonated across the board: from chatting to listeners subscribing - from as far afield as NT - on the phones, to other outward displays of support closer to home.

I don't mind confessing that this afternoon at my desk whilst arranging to line up an interview for an upcoming  story for fourth estate, a big welling of communal love for the fellow industry bodies that all make up the independent media community was raised from within me.

Off the Record celebrates the long-standing history of "Time Off" a well-regarded and longstanding street press publication, celebrating its quarter century milestone of media existence, the upcoming release of the book bearing the namesake of its subject matter, seems like a decent celebration.

From Nick Cave in typical form to Kurt Cobain diving through Dave's drumkit only to sprain his wrist,"Off the Record" edited by Sean Sennett and Simon Groth, the publication is a rare archive into the best of our musical history chronologised by great writing.

Awaiting its release in just a few sleeps, Benython of Zeitgeist Media, has just popped in the post, some - rather exclusive - copies before it even hits the shelves, with more promised to be delivered for next week to distribute to all of the great old mates that are showing the love to 2ser..ie, you: le listeners!!

 It's really encouraging to see these small but meaningful gestures of support towards the community sector and in turn are mutually receptive, so cheers to Benython and the crew from OFF THE RECORD! And of course, stay tuned for an upcoming report...


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