7Mate! Photographer protests; narrowcasts and: Eye-spy?

3rd-6th September 

Digital Demography – LAUREN DAY gets blokey with the release of digital Channel: 7Mate as well as Ten’s new: Eleven..

MINA SAMANDAR looked into what has brought Sydney and Melbourne professional photographers towards a united front against local councils, as organised by ARTS FREEDOM AUSTRALIA - find out more, here

How much do you know about narrowcasting? Well, MIG CALDWELL, got the lowdown after speaking with industry body ACMA about the recent auction of a number of narrowcasting licences

And we play Eye-Spy with a difference! Following a recent trip to Australia, ROB SPENCE, a Canadian man who’S fitted with a prosthetic eye complete with camera spoke to JESSIE WINGARD about the ethics of his project involving the filming of his everyday interactions


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