Wikileaks sex scandal, Google Election, Augmented Reality and...earworms

Kym Middleton reports over what recent criminal allegations facing Julian Assange could mean for wikileaks – Assange claims to be the victim of a Pentagon led smear campaign which saw him recently arrested and facing sexual assault charges in Sweden

AR – get an augmented reality check
Mina Samandar found out about this new adaptive technology designed to enhance the experience of everyday and virtual life by merging them into one.

The Kids are alright –
Carrie Fellner spoke to Google’s Lucinda Barlow about the only certain outcome any election can claim – too bad it was partaken in by school students ineligible to do it legally..unlike the general voting public, they managed to come up with a winner

Got a worm in your ear?
You’re not alone as Mig Caldwell discovered, 90% of us have a song stuck in our head at some point, but a team of researchers are hell bent on driving those annoying songs away for good– including Dr. Vicky Williamson – at London's Goldsmith's University and supported by BBC’s Radio 6 where the idea was originally spawned, and she is inciting our fair nation to get onboard and try and make sense of this phenomena...


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