Greens' rage; radio rules; and we're ad savvier and fringed up..

This week on the show...we continue to await any monumental decisions by the newly sworn in Labor government.... what internet filter?

KIM TAN finds out what the stoush between the Greens and the ABC is all about and why others think it's unjustified, find out more...

MIG CALDWELL is cheered to discover that in spite of talk about the Federal election being all about social media networking sites such as Twitter, radio airtime proved to come up trumps over the course of the campaign.

CARLY NASON spoke to visiting US author, JAMES OTHMAN, who penned the book, "Adland" and is inspired by Australia's enthusiasm over marketing tricks taught to us by shows as "The Gruen Transfer", click here

And MIG CALDWELL finds out about the Sydney Fringe Festival debut and its marketing technique in using a blog to spread the word.


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