Poll bludging; shielded from law; Blue King Brown and ABC self-censorship

Just as babies are born every hour, new opinion polls are delivered almost every day in the lead up to an election. As pollsters themselves will admit, opinion polls shouldn’t be an indication of the outcome Fourth Estate reporter Lauren Day spoke to William Bowe who writes a blog for Crikey called The Poll Bludger. Download the story her

Carrie Fellner re-examines the country's shield laws - or lack thereof - after the Coalition has put shield laws back on the agenda, proposing that confidentiality between a source and journalist be a legal right. Labor's attempt in May to enact shield legislation was heavily criticized by media organisations who described them as “weak”. Click to download

Marching to the beat of your own drum takes on a whole new meaning for local activist musicians, Blue King Brown. The 6 piece band have spent the past two years working on their second album release, “worldwize” a 2 disc offering recorded in Bob Marley’s studio in Kingston, Jamaica, as Mig Caldwell discovered, click here for more  

And Mina Samandar spoke to independent film maker, Inka Stafrace, who took on the role of David to the ABC’s Goliath after they pulled the plug on her documentary “hope in a slingshot” at the last minute. ‘Hope In a slingshot’ depicts the intensity of the Israeli occupation of Palestine that was due to air later this year. Find out more here
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