11th-14th June

Wikileaks arrest; BP's anti-PR move; Waging cyber-war; Community radio station singin' for their supper

Wikileaks Arrest: Flint Duxfield - the internet enfant terrible of the media industry, Wikileaks - a website founded by the Australian ex-pat, Julian Assanges - left a furore in the wake of its release of the government ordered attack on a group of civilians captured on video in Iran. The man responsible for its release has since been detained. Featured: 

BP's Google buyout of search term: "oil spill": Rosemarie Lentini - Dubbed the most hated man, CEO of BP, Anthony Hayward, has bought out search terms from Google that may reflect badly on the company, in the oil spill aftermath from hell. Featured: 

Waging cyber-war?: Stephanie Kate-Bratton - The once sci-fi sounding idea of cyber-war may be waging warfare on a website near you! Featured: Graham Ingram - AusSEC General Manager; Duncan Unwin and Dr. Herbert Lin - web security experts

Singin' for their (broadcast) supper: Mig Caldwell - Following reports of community stations in financial hardship, one Sydney radio station, Eastside, sought to use their grant money productively, with the resulting product: their first self-produced CD, taken from a live concert they hosted last year. Featured: Tony Smythe - Eastside Radio Station Manager; Matt Keegan Trio (music)

"Northcote (So Hungover)" : The Bedroom Philosopher. Why this satirical songwriter is laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the Metlink tram service..


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