The role of online media and London riots; Fairfax radio for sale; film-goers experience

Episode 26: August 12-15, 2011

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This week, the show looks at the role of online media in the wake of London's horrific riots: there are many arguments citing its presence as both good and evil. 

Plus we get through the whizz-bang new technologies adapted to the cinema-going experience and evaluate the worth of Fairfax Radio.
CLAIRE MARSHALL: an ex-pat now living in London offering a first-hand account and personal use of online media and its uses and problems that have led to a weighted argument over the presence of the internet London riots.
STEVE AHERN offered his thoughts on the national network of Fairfax Radio, up for sale, after only three years. The general thought is the failure to effectively align the print and radio bodies (which include 3AW in Melbourne, 2UE in Sydney and 4BH in Brisbane).

And ANNIE WYLIE caught up with Sydney Uni's, DR. BRUCE ISAACS, a film studies expert one the culture of the experience that comes from going out to the movies and how the incorporation of 3, even 4 dimensional viewing options; swivelling chairs and other such technologies plays a part in the overall movie experience.


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