Pressing issues in photojournalism; The pointe on social media; self-regulation in advertising all junk?

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This week, the news was hot off the press with new reports, speculation and sensation updated almost hourly regarding the hacking scandal seeing Murdoch tabloid, NEWS OF THE WORLD, halting the printing press after more than a century...

Also grassroots social advocates/anarchists GETUP! found itself muffled by commercial TV in an effort to exploit the dealings done by major retailer Harvey Norman.

And with all this going on, we also checked out the following:

Nathan Coates got the special guided tour of the 2011 WORLD PRESS PHOTOGRAPHY PRESS (2010 winning photo pictured) currently on exhibit in Sydney, which this year is contrasted against some of the more casual happy snaps documented at FAIRFAX HQ.

Annie Wylie got to the fundamental pointe in marketing the ballet in an upwardly social way, thanks to extensive research into the impact social media plays in engaging the community with the arts.

And Natasha Egan confronts the idea of self regulating advertising aimed at children as a heaped feeding of junk...

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