Givin' some Shtick, Honduran horrors and heinous Hackers

This week we boasted more global mileage within the space of half an hour, than all the major airlines combined could clock up in a week!

From the Central American nation of Honduras, that is suffering under a military regime that disposes of independent, opposing media - including three community radio stations - 

Mig Caldwell spoke to WARWICK CONE the force behind one of the sole English-speaking reportage programs, LatinRadical broadcast weekly on community broadcaster, NIM-FM, who offers some confronting fatality and abduction rates for journalists in the past 18 moonths within the nation. 

And speaking of the community broadcast sector at large, Mig Caldwell went to find out whether a true sense of religious community an exist within a media group, following news from ACMA that it would not renew broadcasting licence granted to Melbourne community radio station for Jews, LION-FM, and she spoke to community TV show THE SHTICK shown on Melbourne's Channel 31.

Also, Nathan Coates went out and about for personal grievances and professional opinion about the recent bout of hacking attacks, steadily reported to be more and more sophisticated.

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