Lifeline needed for Murdoch but is being offered as online support..Greenpeace says it peace; Defence Force vulnerable towards social media


From the armed forces to Greenpeace, the public sphere is nicely well-rounded...

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Shant Fabricatorian offers up the scoop on the News Corporation tabloid, News of the World, amidst the controversy that arose after revealing the paper's employees were hacking into the phone accounts of public figures. He spoke to- amongst others - former NOTW editor, JAMES ANSLOW.

In light of the public airing of Defense Force dirty laundry online, there have been concerns surrounding the use of social media and the policies, or lack thereof, put in place regulating one of the most tightly controlled regimes. But, as Nathan Coates proposed, if the US have a set of practices in place, why can't Australia?

It must be a hard task, but international environmental lobbyist, GREENPEACE, generally stand out in producing clever and insightful campaigns that manage to incorporate parody of popular culture phenomena as well as driving home a serious message.

However, the latest campaign efforts from GREENPEACE AUSTRALIA, attacking one of the major four banks on their coal trading policies, has been met with a mixed response. click here
So, under the creative direction of witty advertising agencies, such as Chaser writer, Charles Firth, even Greenpeace can make a statement without preaching

But while the Wiggles parody is genuinely funny, the recent attack on ANZbank has been criticised for being - above all else - lame.

So, what do you think, is it fair to target one of the major four banks when they all are as bad as each other? You be the judge...
And finally, LIFELINE, is trialling an online format of its telephone counselling services, designed to appeal to the younger, tech-savvier generation as well as addressing the growing problem of teen suicide rates. Ellie Schneider looked at some of the surrounding issues that may arise...
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