Media mythbusters; foreign mortality; Walkley's scandal and social lives of pollies

This week: Fourth Estate gets the lowdown on just how dull and dreary the election has been

Modern media myths have just been busted wide open thanks to online grassroots campaigner, GetUp!, over inaccurate reportage of asylum seekers

MIG CALDWELL talks terminology with communications manager, SAM MACLEAN.

Every journalist may claim they'd die for the big scoop, but this was the rather confronting reality as a second journalist over the course of one month, was found dead on a riverbed in Sumatra: naked and handcuffed. CARRIE FELLNER finds out

;Climate change denial backers, ExxonMobil were touted as the Walkley's conference Gold Sponsor, which prompted great debate, as MIG CALDWELL discovered...

And SHEVONNE HUNT gets the nitty gritty on the social skills of Abbott and Gillard with Amnesia Razorfish, a group studying the social media presence of various politicians and their varying degrees of success.


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