Blog Shut-down; Good news within the Pacific; Pirate political plank-walk and The Fifth Estate??

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#1: SOME GOOD NEWS EMERGING FROM THE PACIFIC - Mig Caldwell - While Fiji continues to further slip into a censorship regime, with 90% of the nation’s media towing party lines, as well as other Pacific nations, the IFJ has just established a project: Media for Democracy and Human Rights in the Pacific

#2: DOES THE FOURTH ESTATE NEED A REBUILD - Shant Fabricatorian - According to former CIA officer, it is the Fifth Estate that is to emerge “from the ether”, encapsulating what he believes is the next generation of media, the “Wikileaks” era

#3: HOW AL-QAEDA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEMISE OF OVER 70 000 BLOGGERS - Mig Caldwell - One of the biggest web hosts in the US, BurstNet, pulled its entire blogging site,, following a tip off from FBI relating to terrorist material published on it.

#4: AUSTRALIA’S PIRATE PARTY WALKING PLANK AT THE ELECTION - Kim Tan - Borrowing from Swedish pre-decessors of the same name, the Australian political party established to oppose the Federal government’s plans to filter the internet and re-assess copyright law, The Pirate Party, just missed out on registering in time for the upcoming election


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