April 2-5

This holiday special of The Fourth Estate promises an audio mixed bag of media quirks and quibbles...

1. Brand karma:Is it the new website to assure universal payback to corporations, or is it a thinly veiled attempt at promotion? LAUREN DAY

2. The digital spectrum may prove too broad for the narrowcast: Come 2013, analogue signals will no longer emit from our TV screens, but FLINT DUXFIELD wonders over the imminent future for the remote narrowcaster services come the Big Switchover

3. Screen Queens: Does mainstream cinema accurately portray the GLBTI community? Following Western criticism over the review of censorship guidelines that regulate local film production in the Islam nation of Malaysia;when it comes to representations of homosexuality, MIG CALDWELL, finds out whether we're in fact, very similar in our characterisations...

4. The legit method of files-sharing..but at what greater cost? March 30: the modest launch date for the Australian website, guevera. It promises users free mp3 downloads from a range of artists, whilst still ensuring the artist a profit, thanks to the bucks put forward by one of the sites major onboard advertising partners. But, what's the catch and what will it mean for an industry in turmoil? MIG CALDWELL

5. The medical technology breakthrough to hold close to the heart: Research published recently details the rather worrying statistic that your chances of suffering from - and, indeed - dying from heart disease greatly increases depending on your proximity to a metropolitan area.CARRIE FELLNER found out about a technological breakthrough aiming to address these issues of distance care


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