Mig has left the building: Episode 17: June 10-13

Mig Caldwell did temporarily leave the building. But she made sure she left it, in the capable hands of ANNAMARIE REYES-  known as ‘AM’  or ‘Yo-teach’ at the station.

Joined by LEEANNE TORPEY and ANNIE WYLIE, they got their brains dirty with the stories:

PAYWALL system for newspapers – under the “freemium” model - The Australian, Telegraph and Herald Sun indepth coverage is now for sale online.  Director of Ideas Channel MIKE MINEHAN and CHOICE magazine Spokesperson  INGRID JUST    speaks out.

Philippines journalists continue to receive death threats in the course of their work making the country one of the most dangerous spot for media workers.  The International Federation of Journalists of the Asia Pacific  Cameron Durnsford Project Co-ordinator  says a safety net for journalists needs to be taken seriously.
And with our socially networked life – facebook’s role is once again pulled apart.  The Beer Baron’s JED CLARKE, using FB,  have been catering for the demand for alcohol sales after hours, in the guise of purchase as “gifts” putting him in hot water with the alcohol state authority.  

Meanwhile Intellectual property Queensland University of Technology expert Peter Black, says  FB new face recognition tool identifying people’s names should’ve been an opt- in option.  500 million users where automatically put on the tool’s database, creating an uproar from all sectors of the facebooking hemisphere. 

Phew, we can rest on our short laurels – because Mig will be  back in the next episode of the Fourth Estate!

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